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Monthly Goals: February

1) Mend one item of clothing.

2) Write down everything I spend and earn.

3) Review three-quarters of my books read within a week of being read.

4) Make 5k progress on at least one novel.

5) Post 2 stories to RF.

6) Finish two beading projects.

7) Finish the January talking meme.

8) Brainstorm short story ideas.

9) Read 19 books.

10) Resist the government via calling reps, signing petitions, writing letters, and marching if possible.

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Okay, I'm back. Still not completely okay but I'm working on it. <3

In other news, when I review a book now, I'm going to include a Fuck-You factor, which will rate out of five how much our governmental fascists and Nazis in the US will hate you reading it. Things like diverse representation, happiness for those diverse folks, written by someone in that group, whatever. IDK if that'll make anyone want to read books but if it does, well. I'm with you.


0--fascist-approved. We're probably not going to see this one because I'd have pitched the book across the room already.
1--fascists have no problems.
2--fascists have slight problems. One or two minor representational characters, for example.
3--fascists have problems. Representational characters, diverse plotlines.
4--fascists have major problems. Major representational characters, book critiques fascist POVs.
5--fascists will froth at the mouth. Ms. Marvel, for example, is entirely about a Pakistani Muslim teenage female superhero. Side characters are queer and POC and generally fabulous, and also include a girl who converted to Islam. Would recommend to everyone. Immediately.

So, moral of the story, everyone should go read Ms. Marvel immediately. And also fuck fascists and Nazis right in the ear.

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I'm gonna be off the internet for a while.


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January Meme Day 9

Seb gave me "stumbling."

This is about half a story. I'll post the whole thing to RF when I'm done with it.

Shine Like It Does, Jack is about fifteen probably, underage drinkingCollapse )

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January Meme Day 8

novel_machinist gave me "fire starts."


So my friend Jenna* and I were once upon a time in a Faire guild together in southern CA. This meant we paid nominal dues and kitchen fees, and in return we could go to two local Renaissance Faires with our guild and hang out and be local color without having to pay entrance fees. This ended up being something like sixteen days a year so, yeah, really good deal, if you added up all the money. One weekend I did my "starving kid fund" schtick and people actually gave me enough money (and a brownie!) that I came out ahead that weekend.

Now, guilds hung out the whole time, so we were on site for forty-eight hours. The various locations got pretty damn cold at night, so we built fires to keep warm. Jenna was very good at building fires. Jenna liked fire. So usually we just gave her the fire pit (mobile iron thing) and left her to it while the rest of us set up camp or made dinner or put stuff away, whatever. When we came back, there would be a nice hot roaring fire

One Faire was in the middle of a park, and our standard location was covered with wood chips. This is important.

So. One weekend we were making dinner, hanging out as it got dark, and Jenna was building the fire. We didn't pay a whole lot of attention to this because, well, Jenna always built the fire. She'd done it the weekend before, and the night before on that weekend. We were talking about something, I don't remember what, when our guild leader Maggie* looked over and said, "HOLY SHIT."

Jenna had built the fire so hot that the iron fire pit set the wood chips underneath it on fire, and was now watching the fire (in the fire pit, she didn't know about the wood chips) with a mildly disturbing grin on her face.

A lot of water, some swearing, and several minor burns later, Jenna was no longer allowed to build the fire unsupervised.

*Names have been changed to protect the semi-innocent. Jenna still likes fire a whole lot.

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January Meme Day 7

Bet you thought you'd seen the last of this!

Seb gave me "choir."

So lo these many years ago, when I was in elementary school (and then middle school, and then camp, and then high school) I was in choir. You could only join if you were in fifth or sixth grade, and I remember being really excited to join when I got to fifth grade. Somewhat to my disappointment, it wasn't how I imagined it. I mean, come on, fifth-grade self, this is an elementary school choir. They do not have time to give out solos or work individual people along individual parts. Instead they gave us all lyrics, played the song once, and then we all sang it through three times and that was it, we were done practicing.

Middle school, camp, and high school were different, of course. I am focusing on this one because I was in sixth grade in 2000, and in choir we did a musical retrospective of the last hundred years, one song per decade. I remember only one (well, one and a half. The sixties was a Beatles song, and I complained because it wasn't the Beach Boys, but apparently all the Beach Boys songs had too much sex in it for us. Not that I noticed that).

Anyway. The one I do remember is called Alexander's Ragtime Band and it is awesome.

You're welcome.

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Mix: Be Afraid. Do It Anyway.

A mix for today, and the next four years.

Be Afraid. Do It Anyway.Collapse )

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