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Yesss let's talk about some poetry.

The Rain in Portugal, Billy Collins

This is Billy Collins's latest collection, and as far as I can tell it's all new poetry, which is pretty rad. Collins is a former United States Poet Laureate, and I had the privilege of seeing him in person not too long ago, which was also rad. I really like Collins's poetry because it's very easy to read; there's always at least two layers, like there are for any good poem, but at least one of them is very clear on the first reading, which is very nice.

Not a lot to say. Collins is one of my favorite poets, this is a really good collection, go forth and read.

Fuck Fascists Factor: Man, I genuinely don't know. I imagine they don't like poetry much because it doesn't say what it's at straight out, but Collins is a straight white man himself. Although he does talk about women and travel a lot. Maybe call it a 2--fascists have slight problems?

Picnic, Lightning, Billy Collins

This is somewhat older Collins but still pretty good. The poems are a little more hit and miss, but it does contain Marginalia, which is one of my favorite poems ever. Read it here.

Nah, still don't have a lot to say. Just read Billy Collins.

Fuck Fascists Factor: I'm sticking with 2--fascists have slight problems.

Loose Woman, Sandra Cisneros

Cisneros is awesome. I'm just gonna say that right up front. However, I generally prefer her prose to her poems. A lot of them are a little beyond me. I think maybe if I spoke more Spanish it would be better? IDK. Anyway, some of her poetry is just absolutely stunning, and some of it goes over my head. I don't think it's a fault in her poetry, just a fault in my understanding.

So absolutely give it a try if you want to! It's fantastic when it's good. Also read Sandra Cisneros in general; she's amazing.

4--fascists have major problems. A sexual Mexican woman expressing herself? HOW DARE SHE.

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